Availability and Delivery 

Please note that certain products may need to be ordered from suppliers and delays may occur depending upon availability from suppliers. This may, on occasions include products that are currently ranged as part of Stagefront Music's core store offer, where current stocks are exhausted. 

Every effort will be made to source the product on behalf of our customers in a timely way and, for orders of print which will not be available to ship within days we will contact you following receipt of your order and provide you with an estimated delivery time. Stagefront Music recommends that you contact our sales staff on (03)9331 5711 before placing your order to ensure that you clearly understand the likely delivery time for your order. Please note, however, that because we are reliant on suppliers and freight companies, we cannot guarantee delivery times even where we have provided an estimate. 

Where more than one item is ordered, items may not arrive simultaneously. There will be no additional freight charge to you in this instance unless your items are sent separately at your request. 

Please note that certain products may not be available where existing stock is exhausted and suppliers are unable to meet orders from Stagefront Music. Where this is the case and you have already placed an order we will notify you as soon as practicable after we become aware of the non-availability and will refund your purchase price in full. 

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