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A deep, mellow tone provides a strong foundation for your tunes.
With its solid spruce top and mahogany back and sides, Lanikai's Tenor Ukulele from the Solid Spruce Series has incredible projection. Die-cast tuning machines ensure long hours of stress-free strumming.
The tenor uke produces deeper tone and slightly louder volume than the standard soprano body. It's ideal for performing on stage, as it provides lots of responsiveness. From rhythmic strumming to melodic finger-style progressions, this Lanikai tenor ukulele sounds great.
Lanikai's new solid spruce top Tenor TunaUke ukulele gives you traditional sound with a superior playing experience. A solid, fully-resonant spruce top responds to your every strum with a bright and musical attack. The mahogany back and sides support and balance the spruce sound by adding warmth to the tone of your TunaUke Tenor. The neck and fingerboard are super playable and lends sustain to even your fastest solos. Add all that tonal tradition to the exclusive Lanikai TunaUke intonation technology, and this solid spruce top Tenor ukulele is perfect for beginners or pros, order a Lanikai Tenor TunaUke today.
A Ukulele Revolution!
Have you ever tuned up your ukulele and played one chord in tune then switch to another chord and it plays out of tune? The strings are stretched and the open strings are in tune, but for some reason that second chord plays out of tune… Well my friends that is what is called poor intonation! There are many issues that cause poor intonation and TunaUke Technology solves them all. With this technology we have achieved over a 90% improvement!
The Evolution of Intonation
For the first time ever in the history of the instrument you can overcome all the obstacles and have a ukulele that plays open chords in tune all the way up the neck. TunaUke Technology will first be available in our best selling LU Series! All mahogany construction, Rosewood fingerboard, and geared tuners with black buttons. Our favorite ukes will sound better than ever! Available in Soprano, Pineapple, Concert, Tenor, and Baritone sizes!
Lanikai Solid Spruce Top Tenor TunaUke Features:

  • Solid spruce top for bright attack and structural stability.
  • Mahogany back and sides adds a warmer tone
  • Die cast tuners keep your strings tight
  • TunaUke technology with compensated nut and moveable saddles adjust for perfect intonation
  • Comes strung with Aquila Nylgut strings.

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