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The DTX400K comes equipped with 10 professional drum kits made with world-famous sounds from throughout the history of drums including Yamaha’s legendary acoustic series.

The kit comes equipped with a 7.5 inch Snare pad, Tom pad and Floor Tom pad. A 10 inch Hi-hat pad, Crash Cymbal pad and Ride Cymbal pad. A KU100 kick unit that offers silent operation for the bass drum and a Hi hat controlling unit for open/closed/foot splash functionality. Each kit has extremely high sound quality with "Accent Articulation" for dynamic instruments that change sound characteristics according to your hit strength. The size of the kit and design of the snare and toms provide a comfortable drumming experience that will let you play without disturbing others.

The training functions of the DTX400K have been expanded for drummers and enthusiasts of all levels. There are 10 onboard routines including warm ups, groove tools, and drumming games designed with Yamaha’s experience in Music Education to make practice fun and effective. But that’s not all - you can freely mix any of the 169 organic drum sounds to create customized kits that suit your style - even if your style is always changing. You get a world of choices inside: 23 snares, 21 kicks, 36 toms, 31 cymbals, and 42 percussion instruments.

Getting a DTX400K is really like having ten professional drum sets in one compact electronic drum kit.

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